The cryo lipolysis treatment is also known as cryolipo and fat freezing where this treatment uses the advanced cooling technology which results in the localized fat death and removes the dead cells from your body. The clinical trials have confirmed that the fat cells are killed when the fat area is placed in the certain cold conditions and this is because the fat cells crystallize when it is exposed to the cold at certain temperatures for certain period of time. This process results in the elimination of the fat cells without making any damage to the surrounding tissue area or nerves. The following changes which you can feel in the treatment of cryo lipo before and after. 

About the Cryolipolysis treatment
  • Before the treatment of the cryo lipolysis your body will be containing many fat cells and because of the more fat cells, you will be having the more weight. When you gain the weight it also increases the growth of the fat cells in your body.
  • After undergoing the treatment of cryo lipolysis fat cells will die and are removed from the body via natural processes and over the following months and weeks as the fat breakdown occurs and the fat will be removed from your body completely. This process happens quickly and extent of the result varies depending on the conditions and individual such as amount of water and fat intake in the days and after the treatment where this treatment ensures you to have the maximum benefits.
Where each session is done between 40 and 60 minutes for per area depending on the thickness of the fat content of the area. Your cryo lipo will be tailored to your individual requirements which you agreed during the consultation and the clients are allowed 60 minutes for treating the particular area.

What happens after the treatment of cryolipolysis?

One of the main benefits of the cryolipolysis fat freezing is that it does not exhibit any side effects to the people and only in the rare cases, you will be experiencing the side effects o the treatment. During the treatment, your skin will be cold and partially you will be feeling numb in the area treated but the treated area will quickly return to its normal temperature within an hour. Where the people skin is often to be red after the treatment and they feel a little sore and some area will be bruising but it is rare to have the extended bruising or redness afterward and if you have any bruising then it's normally very light and it will be gone after a week.

After the treatment, you can able to resume your normal daily activities immediately without having any discomfort. The Liposuction requires many weeks of the downtime and the discomfort as this is no case with cryo lipo this is the main draws of having the fat frozen where the cryolipolysis is completely non-invasive so there are no cuts or surgical process or any forms are involved in the treatment.